Industrial loft slim framed doors

We manufacture industrial doors and slim loft partition walls made of steel profiles and glass. Their simple form perfectly complements and adds a unique character to any room. We produce our loft doors and walls with both standard steel profiles and special ones, dedicated to industrial production. The choice of the right materials is always determined by the function that glazing is to fulfill, the nature of the room and the Customer’s expectations.

Minimum of form

The concept of industrial doors, loft glazing and industrial partition walls, thanks to the strength parameters of steel allow to create designs guided by minimalism in form. A simple and subtle border line pleases the eye and adds lightness to the room. At the same time, it allows optical magnification of separated interiors. The simplicity of the form of loft glazing is used in rooms of a different nature – starting with limiting vestibules to interior doors and partition walls.

Doors production technology

For the manufacture of doors and dividing walls, we use various technologies for embedding glass in steel frames made of steel profiles. Each project is different, as the room and function of glazing, partition walls or loft doors are different. However, the most important thing for the final result in the creation process are Customer’s requirements. We try to choose the right solutions, optimally combining all these variables. Our production arsenal includes methods of fixing glass to angle brackets, closed profiles and special glazing beads. For lovers of vintage style, we produce loft glazing, in which the glass is mounted using a special, dedicated putty. Thanks to this approach, we are able to meet various requirements for production of loft doors and slim framed walls.

In production, we utilize 8 basic solutions/models:

LOFT – glued glazing bead,  standard angle and T shape bars, without gasket;
MINIMAL– glued glazing bead,  closed steel profiles, without gasket;
SLIM– screwed glazing bead, closed steel profiles, without gasket;
SLIM S – screwed glazing bead, closed steel profiles, with gasket,
SLIM SR – glazing bead, structural bonding,  with gasket;
EPIC SR – Epic steel profile, structural bonding,  with gasket;
EPIC – Epic steel profile, glazing bead click-on,  with gasket;
PUTTY – vintage glazing, putty.

A steel/aluminum profile, square/rectangular profile/angle bracket or a snap profile can be used as a glazing bead – depending on the desired look and technical requirements.

Quotation of loft glazing

To perform the initial quotation of the project, we need from you

  • information about dimensions – height, width
  • if there are doors to be mounted in the loft wall – to determine their dimensions and how to open: hinges, sliding doors, pivot and how to close: door handle, door handle with lock, pull
  • the function to be fulfilled by the loft glazing: partition wall, vestibule, closing wall for the bathroom, etc.
  • making a hand sketch of how the glazing division should look like will come in handy.
  • information on the materials of the walls, ceiling, floor to which the loft glazing will be mounted
  • any information that may have a significant impact on the project, e.g. existence of underfloor heating
  • assembly locations – country, city

Based on this information, we will send you an initial quote.

On-line industrial doors calculator

We are working on new on-line visual calculator. This is a beta version. So, you need to be forgiving :-). If you want to check hoe it will look: